Without you we would not have heads to put our hats on. You inspire us to create unique custom hats that showcase your style. Monthly we will feature a VS customer and show his/her hats.
We look forward to working with you since you are discriminating about what you put on your head.

Art Fawcett
I got the hat yesterday and it knocked my socks off! The brim binding was great and you knocked it out of the park with the hat band. I was pleasantly surprised you were able to get the silver ribbon on the band. It really sets it off.

We buy the best Panama hat bodies,   block  and finish them to give you the finest summer lid you would ever want.

Enough praise. !t was a privilege working with you and I look forward to meeting you in person when you come to Tampa.

Our hats ribbon work is called "work's of Art" by our customers.


I received both hats - tremendous work yet again - thanks!!

Will be in touch for more hats soon - talking you up to my friends here in NYC!

Best regards,
Hi Art

I received the hat block, thank you so very much.

Your service and elite professionalism are beyond compare.

Arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s just the picture of simplicity, which you correctly surmised is to my taste. And how
the ribbon so closely compliments the chocolate felt is just perfect: not an
exact match nor at the opposite extreme to draw attention to it alone. Just perfect.

I’ll tell you, I’m already lustfully eyeing the Anazasi ... that ribbon is
out of this world!

Thank you so much!