Here We Go!!!

Here it is, April, 2015, and we are about to launch the new website with so many changes I don't have everything mentally aligned yet. I have taken on an apprentice this year, so now when I say "we" I also mean my apprentice David Gibson.   "We" have also opened a retail outlet here in Medford, Oregon,  so we can carry other brands,  reducing the pressure to not only produce hats but also have some available in a more affordable price range.

We have also begun learning the ways of Womens hats and so far this is fun!!!   Take a look & tell me what you think Ladies.

Another new feature of this website will be the "Off the Rack” section, where we will be offering pre made hats in pre made sizes that can be purchased immediately without the wait of bespoke.  No changes will be made design wise to these,  and the section will last only as long as we see demand or positive feedback on the idea.   We will need to see how it affects the other aspects of VS since we will still be only a two person shop.