August already????

Wow, time is really flying by this year. August 15th will be the grand re-opening of the store . We have re painted the showroom inside and also the outside of the building, , new sign on the overhang,  and are making progress on womens hats. I also have to shake my head in disbelief. The "Art Fawcett Hall of Fame" thread on the Fedora Lounge is approaching 2 million hits, yup, 2 MILLION.  Who would have thought ten years ago we would make this type of impact in the world of hats?   My competition is still trying to copy my work ( often also using disparaging language) , I'm still trying to stay ahead of them by adding features all the time, and I'm still having a great deal of fun.  It doesn't get any better.

Fall has me working on felts for women and thinking out new designs with two new colors coming. Right now, we have to get past the party this Saturday and re introduce the store to the Rogue Valley residents that have been SO supportive.  Pictures are to follow!!!